Stonemarket Ethically Sourced Natural Stone Paving

By The Landscape Yard in Stonemarket Suppliers Saturday, December 19, 2015

'Fairstone' by Stonemarket is an ethically sourced range of natural stone paving that has been quarried and produced in line with a clear set of ethical values and commitments that Stonemarket strongly believes in. These commitments are based upon the Ethical Trade Initiative's Base Code and the United Nations Global Compact.

Although all of our products are ethically sourced, Fairstone by Stonemarket specifically includes Avant-garde, Vintage Stone, Trustone, Arctic Granite, Cordara, Truslate, Granite Setts, Trustone Paviors and Elemental Paviors. They represent a commitment to ethical sourcing, unequivocally pledging the following -

1. No Child Labour is used
2. Living Wages are paid
3. Health & Safety Standards are in place

Stonemarket further supports workers through Hadoti Hast Shilp Sansthan, an Indian non-government organisation that funds schooling, medical care and insurance policies for workers. Giving children an education they would not have received and ensuring that their family's welfare is catered for. We know people want the reassurances that their paving suppliers are doing the right thing. With Fairstone we are demonstrating that we fell the same way. Fairstone by Stonemarket - Paving with a Conscience.

Yet another reason why we not only like Stonemarket's fantastic products, but also the way they do business.