The Stonemarket Stone Standard is a sign of quality natural stone paving

By The Landscape Yard in Stonemarket Suppliers Monday, January 16, 2017

Stonemarket have gone a step further in improving the quality of their stone. Now all natural stone paving in the Stonemarket range exceeds the British Standard for stone. Many of the cheaper Indian sandstones supplied in the UK are soft, porous sandstones which are often not fit for purpose and could fail during installation or once in-situ.

The 'Stonemarket Stone Standard' mark gives customers full assurance that all Stonemarket sandstone exceeds the base technical levels outlined in the British Standard, BS 7533 Class 2. The Stonemarket Stone Standard sets the minimum base criteria to which all our stone performs to give our customers complete assurance in our standard.

Any natural sandstone paving that does not meet ALL these criteria, may not be fit for purpose and could fail. Ask your sandstone supplier for the relevant and valid test certificates on ALL their sandstone products to ensure compliance.


  • All sandstone supplied will have a maximum water absorption of 1.7%
  • This is important because the higher the water absorption percentage, the higher the chance this stone has of quickly going 'green' with algae growth.

  • All sandstone supplied will have a flexural strength of no less than 12.9ma
  • This is important because the higher the number, the stronger the stone and the less chance it has of breaking or cracking under pressure in transit.

  • All sandstone supplied will be frost resistant
  • This is important because if a stone loses strength or starts to fall apart when subjected to repeated frosts (a characteristic of the harsh British winter), then it isn't fit for purpose. The Stonemarket Standard is a visual inspection classification of '0' (Intact) and no more than 10% reduction on flexural strength after 56 freeze/thaw cycles.

    ALL Stonemarket natural sandstone paving exceeds the British Standard
    - how many UK stone suppliers can say that!