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  • Drivegrid - Gravel Driveway Grids
  • Drivegrid - Gravel Driveway Grids

DRIVEGRID Gravel Grids

Packs of Gravel Grids

  • OUR PRICE:£137.94
  • DRIVEGRID - Gravel Grids
  • Stabilises gravel paths and driveways
  • 0.96 sqm per panel
  • Fill plastic honeycomb cells with gravel
  • Membrane backed to inhibit weed growth
  • Lightweight and easy to lay and fill with gravel
  • Fill Drive Grid with 10mm decorative gravel
  • Stops gravel moving on a slope
  • Easy to lay out and cut by hand
  • Great for all types of 10mm gravel and gravel driveways
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DRIVEGRID Gravel Grids are designed to stabilise gravel driveways and paths. The plastic honeycomb cells are membrane backed to inhibit weed growth. Fill your Gravel Grids with 5 - 12mm decorative gravel or angular gravel for a firm and stable driveway. You can use golden flint gravel pea gravel and shingle, granite and cotswold chippings and more. Gravel Grids stops gravel from rolling down a driveway and keeps your gravel where you want it. Gravel Grids also improves gravel paths making walking around your garden much easier. Mix our Gravel Grids with our range of driveway block paving, granite setts and driveway edgings to create a unique driveway.

Use Rio Edging or Trident Kerbs to edge your driveway and retain the gravel. Use Vecta, Rio, Trident block paving or Millstone Driveway Setts to add the finishing touch.

Gravel Drive Grid Stockists The Landscape Yard
Product Name Gravel Drive Grid
Pack Size 1 Single Panel
Pack Size 0.96 sqm
Drive Grid Length 1200mm
Drive Grid Width 800mm
Drive Grid Thickness 30mm
Drive Grid Size 0.96 sqm per panel
Drive Grid Weight 1.2 kg each
Drive Grid Membrane Backed with a membrane
Drive Grid Installation Lay on a standard sub-base
Cut to fit with a saw or secateurs
Fill with 5 - 10mm gravel