Granite Setts BLACK 110x110x50mm

9.68 sqm Single Size Pack

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  • Black Granite Setts
  • Colour: BLACK
  • Shape: SQUARE
  • Natural Granite Setts, striking black colour
  • Ideal for driveway paving and gravel driveway edging
  • Very durable stone, hard wearing natural stone setts
  • Great for creating patterns, fans, curves and borders
  • Use granite setts for paths, edgings and driveways
  • Black granite setts are great for adding interest and detail to edgings
  • Matching black granite paving and steps
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Stonemarket Granite Setts are versatile and cut from natural granite. The humble granite sett has been used as a paving material for centuries. The rugged natural texture and exceptional durability of granite setts give them an air of solid permanence. Versatile in use, they are ideal for patios, paths and driveways. However you decide to use your granite setts, it is recommended that they are laid on a full mortar bedding layer and a suitable sub-base. Our Granite Setts come in four colours; Beige, Black, Red and Silver - all with a slight quartz sparkle to the split surface, that is a characteristic of natural granite. There is a wider choice of sizes in the most popular and classic Silver granite sett option.

Black granite setts are quite dramatic in appearance and unlike some natural stone, black granite does not fade. Use black granite setts on their own or combine them with other granite sett colours to create striking patterns. Black setts work well with all colours of granite setts, but particularly well when combined with Silver granite setts.

Design Tip from The Landscape Yard - Use black granite setts for a striking threshold and edging to your gravel driveway. Combine with other colours to create granite sett border patterns, such as a Greek Key, Repeating Knot or Checkerboard laying pattern to name a few possibilities.

Stonemarket Stockists The Landscape Yard
Stone Type Granite
Pack Type Single Size Pack
Pack Size 9.68 sqm
Sett Size 110mm x 110mm
Sett Thickness 50mm (variable)
Qty per Pack 800 pieces
Stone Colour BLACK
Fast Point Do NOT use with granite paving
Dimensions Sizes and coverage are those attained when laid with a 10 - 15mm joint
This product is hand split. All dimensions have a tolerance of +/- 15mm
Installation For driveways it is recommended to install granite setts on a full mortar bed