Stonemarket Paving Sample Ordering Service

Stonemarket Paving Sample Ordering Service

Let us help you make the right choice for your patio or driveway.

In order to help our lovely customers choose the right Stonemarket garden and driveway paving for their garden design or landscaping project, we supply samples for the full range of Stonemarket patio and driveway paving. The paving samples that we supply are small pieces of the actual paving and give a really good idea of the colour, texture and overall look of the paving stone. The paving samples will vary in size depending on the product. Your sample or samples will be delivered by courier in 3 - 5 working days. If we do not have a paving sample available, then we will send you the paving samples requested that we have in stock and the remaining paving samples requested will be despatched when available.

  • To order select the 'Sample' option on the relevant product page

  • Samples are 1.50 each INC VAT

  • We charge 5.95 INC VAT for sample delivery
    (This is regardless of how many samples are ordered)

  • The Stonemarket paving range is huge! with a paving option to suit every type of garden and driveway from traditional to contemporary styles. Once you have narrowed down your choice of paving and decided on your colour and style, ordering a paving sample is a great way to help you make your final decision.

    Colour variation of natural stone paving
    It is important to bear in mind that with our natural stone paving products, there will be some natural variation in the colouration and texture of the paving. This is to be expected with natural stone paving and it is part of the beauty of the natural stone. If you are looking for a very uniform colour and surface finish you may want to consider choosing one of our concrete or vitrified / porcelain paving products.

    We supply the full Stonemarket Garden & Driveway paving range:
  • Granite Paving and Setts
  • Limestone Paving and Bullnose Steps
  • Marble Paving and Bullnose Steps
  • Sandstone Paving, Walling and Bullnose Steps
  • Slate Paving and Bullnose Steps
  • Yorkstone Paving
  • Concrete Garden and Driveway Paving
  • Reconstituted Stone Paving
  • Classic Flagstone and Textured Paving
  • Contemporary Paving and Walling
  • Tumbled Block Paving and Stone Setts
  • Limestone and Sandstone Natural Block Paving
  • Permeable Block Paving
  • Linear Block Paving