Paving Slurry Primer Tub

1 x 20kg Tub

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  • FREE Delivery on orders of 2+ full packs of paving
  • Provides an exceptional bond between bedding mixes and paving types
  • Mix with water to a runny paste consistency
  • Apply to the underside of each paving slab
  • Apply with a 4" paintbrush
  • User-friendly. Just add water
  • BS 7533 compliant
  • Quick and easy application
  • 20kg paper bags
  • Ensures all paving is well bonded to bedding layer
  • Clean any splashes to the surface of your paving immediately

Our Slurry Primer is a polymer modified cementitious slurry primer specifically formulated to provide exceptional bond between all types of stone surfaces and paving. The use of a slurry primer ensures full and even contact will be made with aggregate particles as well as promoting adhesion to greater than 2N/mm2 as per the requirements of BS 7533. Our slurry primer can be used with all types of natural stone, concrete flags and clay paviors. The primer is supplied pre-blended in 20kg bags. With the simple addition of water on-site, the product creates a liquid slurry paste, which can be applied to the underside of all paving elements at a thickness of 1mm to 2mm immediately prior to their placement on the bedding layer.

Correct surface preparation is critical in order to guarantee successful application and durable product performance. Remove all debris and ponded water from the supporting structure. The structure as well as the paving elements should be cleaned by brushing or washing with water to remove dust, loose material, packaging and/or production aids prior to the application of the slurry primer.

For large areas, place 7 litres of clean water in a suitable container. Add the slurry primer powder slowly and mix for 3 to 5 minutes to create a smooth lump-free slurry. Always prime the underside of your paving at a thickness of 1mm-2mm immediately before laying. Smaller quantities can be mixed using the recommend ratio of slurry primer powder to water.

Slurry Primer Stockists The Landscape Yard
Slurry Primer Type Cement based for paving
Bond Strength 2.20N/mm2 after 28 days
Pack Type Grab Bag
Bag Weight 20kg
Colour Grey
Water Required 7 litres per 20kg bag
Workability 1 hour at 20 degrees C
Coverage 1 x 20kg bag mixed with 7 litre of water
Covers 15sqm at 1-2mm thickness

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