• Stonemarket Cropped Porphyry Setts for Driveway
  • Stonemarket Cropped Porphyry Setts for Driveways
  • Stonemarket Cropped Porphyry Setts for Driveways
  • Stonemarket Cropped Porphyry Setts for Driveways

Stonemarket Cropped Porphyry Setts

Full Packs & Single Setts

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  • Cropped Porphyry Setts for driveways
  • Beautiful colour variation
  • Natural stone setts
  • Cut from natural porphyry stone
  • Very durable and hard-wearing natural stone
  • Ideal for driveways and pathways
  • Mix and match with many natural stone paving types

Stonemarket Cropped Porphyry Setts are cut from a durable and iconic natural stone. Porphyry is a type of stone and the word comes from Ancient Greek meaning purple. Purple was the colour of royalty and this stone was prized for its hardness, so it was used for monuments and imperial buildings in Rome.

The hardness of this stone makes Porphyry Setts ideal for paving projects such as driveways and pathways. It is also a very beautiful stone and has a stunning range of natural colouration from golds and buffs, through purples and browns to various shades of grey.

Porphyry Setts have been cropped to size with the top and bottom of each sett being hand split. This gives a lightly riven or textured surface that offers good grip. Available to buy in full packs of 800 setts or as individual setts.

Stonemarket Porphyry Setts can be used to create a beautiful driveway and can be laid in a wide range of patterns. Porphyry Setts are also perfect for curved pathways and can be used to edge paving or add detail to patios.

We think the colouration of Porphyry Setts will complement many different types of natural stone paving in the Stonemarket range including Trustone Fieldland, Glenmoor and Cotsdale paving.

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Stone Type Natural Stone Driveway Paving
Stone Name Cropped Porphyry Setts
Pack Type Single Size Pack
Pack Size 9.68 sqm
Pack Weight 1200 kg
Sett Thickness 50mm (+/- 2mm)
Sett Size 110mm x 110mm
Qty per Pack 800
Stone Colour Multi