Stonemarket Sandstone Paving BEACHSIDE SETTS

7.39 sqm Project Pack

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  • Natural sandstone driveway setts
  • Beachside is a buff to biscuit coloured sett
  • Natural sandstone driveway block paving
  • 50mm sawn stone thickness
  • High quality, hard wearing quartzitic sandstone block paving
  • Beachside setts have a lightly tumbled edge detail
  • Use for driveways - standard block paving installation
  • Use for paths and edgings - lay on full mortar bed
  • Exceeds the British Standard for sandstone paving BS7533 Part 12
  • Mix and match with Avant Garde sandstone paving, walling and steps
  • Matching Beachside paving available
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Natural sandstone driveway block paving. Our Beachside Setts from Stonemarket are a stunning new addition to the range enabling customers to create beautiful natural stone driveways. Beachside Setts, like our Beachside Paving are cut from a subtle buff to biscuit coloured sandstone. Beachside Setts have lightly tumbled edges and at 50mm thick they are designed to be used to create a modern block paved driveway. But these sandstone setts can also be used in a variety of different ways. Beachside setts can be used create pathways, edgings and mixed with Beachside paving to add detail to the patio design. You can use the setts to create a border around your paving or add panels or bands of setts to create a truly unique design. When it comes to driveways, why not combine Beachside setts with our Drive Grid and create a mix of paved and gravel sections using a golden flint gravel that will blend beautifully with the setts.

Beachside sandstone is a very solid sandstone paving and is the perfect, buff coloured sandstone to use for creating contemporary patios and driveways. Beachside setts comply with the Stonemarket Stone Standard, which means this stone has been tested and has a water absorption rate of no more than 1.7%, exceeding the British Standard for sandstone paving.

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Stone Type Sandstone Paving
Stone Name Beachside Setts
Pack Type Project Pack
Pack Size 7.39 sqm
Stone Thickness 50mm (+/- 2mm)
Paving Size 240mm x 160mm
Qty per Pack 90
Paving Size 160mm x 160mm
Qty per Pack 140
Paving Size 160mm x 120mm
Qty per Pack 18
Total Qty per Pack 248 mixed pieces
Stone Colour Buff/Biscuit
Stone Dimensions Sett sizes are actual dimensions
Stone Cutting Use a standard electric disc cutter or petrol cut off saw with a diamond grit cutting disc for best results