Stonemarket Trustone Paviors FIELDLAND

7.83 sqm Project Pack

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  • Sandstone driveway block paving
  • Trustone Fieldland Paviors are mid to buff to brown in colour
  • Natural stone markings and colour variation
  • 50mm thick natural stone block paving
  • Hard wearing with straight cut edges
  • Antiqued riven surface, each block has a unique texture
  • Standard block paving installation on a sharp sand bedding layer
  • Premium quality block paving fro driveways
  • Suits traditional homes and driveways
  • Matching Trustone Fieldland sandstone paving available
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Stonemarket Trustone Paviors are premium natural sandstone block pavers which are perfect for creating high quality driveways with that added wow factor. Trustone Paviors are very solid blocks and have been machined to an even 50mm thickness. This even size and thickness means the paviors can be installed in the same way as standard block paving, on a sharp sand bed, with kiln dried sand brushed into the joints. It is recommended that when compacting the blocks into place with a plate compactor, that a rubber or neoprene pad be fitted to the machine.

Trustone Paviors have been given an 'antiqued' appearance with the edges slightly smoothed off and the surface has a nice riven finish, with each block being unique. This natural stone block paving is designed to be laid in random courses and is supplied in a 3 size project pack, ready for laying.

Available in 2 soft colours - Fellstyle is a gentle blue/grey and Fieldland is a mix of nice buff/brown tones. You can transform your driveway into an elegant entrance using Trustone Paviors and because they are real stone, they will look just as good in 10 years time as the day they were laid.

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Stone Type Sandstone Block Paving
Stone Name Trustone Paviors
Pack Type Project Pack
Pack Size 7.83 sqm
Stone Thickness 50mm (+/- 2mm)
Paving Size 240mm x 160mm
Qty per Pack 130
Paving Size 160mm x 160mm
Qty per Pack 90
Paving Size 160mm x 120mm
Qty per Pack 28
Total Qty per Pack 248 mixed pieces
Stone Colour Fieldland (Brown/Buff)