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  • Sandstone Circle Kit

TRUSTONE Sandstone Circle Kit

2.84m Diameter Circle Kit

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  • Sandstone Paving Circle Kit
  • Available in three different colours of sandstone
  • 2.84 diameter circle kit
  • 22mm calibrated thickness
  • Lightly riven surface to stone
  • High quality sandstone paving
  • Incorporate into a patio area or use on it's own
  • Large enough circle kit for a table and chairs
  • Works well in the corner of a garden surrounded by planting
  • Use Fast Point jointing compound for perfect pointing
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This beautiful sandstone circle kit will suit any garden. The Trustone paving range is a collection of high quality natural stone paving. The paving range by Stonemarket is ethically sourced and hand selected for both consistency of colour and dimensional accuracy, the paving and matching circle kit is calibrated to a regular thickness to make laying quick and easy.

This patio circle kit is available in three colours:
Trustone Fieldland is a highly durable quartzitic sandstone with colour shades ranging from greyish brown to khaki. Similar in appearance to buff English Yorkstone. Fieldland sandstone blends attractively with almost any surroundings.
Trustone Glenmoor is another hard wearing sandstone. It comes in varying shades of buff with occasional darker brown markings. Another excellent multi-purpose paving stone.
Attractive grey sandstone, which suits modern and traditional gardens and landscape designs.

Stonemarket Stockists The Landscape Yard
Stone Type Sandstone
Stone Range Trustone
Pack Type Radius Paving / Circle Kit
Pack Size 2.84 diameter
Paving Size Radius Centre Stone
Qty per Pack 16 pieces
Stone Colours Fieldland/Glenmoor/Fellstyle
Fast Point Use 1 tub for this size pack
Stone Dimensions Sizes and coverage are those attained when laid with a 10 - 15mm joint
Stone Cutting Use a standard electric disc cutter or petrol cut off saw with a diamond grit cutting disc for best results