Vintage Stone Compass Points Corner Kit

1x Full Squaring Off Kit

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  • Vintage Stone Compass Points Corner Infill Kit
  • This complete kit contains 4 full corners
  • Available in Manor (Brown/Buff) colour only
  • 22mm calibrated thickness
  • There are 5 pieces of stone for each corner
  • There are 20 pieces of stone in total in a full kit
  • Lightly riven face with smooth, worn finish
  • This kit squares off circle kit to 2850mm x 2850mm
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The corner infill kit for the Compass Points circle is designed to square off the circle kit to enable it to be easily incorporated into a larger patio or paving layout. This is a complete kit, which include the stone for each corner. The infill kit is only available in Manor.

The Compass Points circle kit is a lovely classical design with a brass inlaid 'North' compass point. It makes great patio feature when used on it's own when incorporated into a large main patio. The Compass Point kit uses three colours of natural stone in it's design; Raven, Manor and Limestone - it blends perfectly with all three Vintage Stone paving colours.

Stonemarket Vintage Stone is a range of premium quality and ethically sourced natural stone paving, walling and setts. The stone has been specially processed to deliver the worn texture and smooth feel of reclaimed flagstones. Vintage Stone paving is available in five colours and is carefully calibrated to a consistent thickness to ensure that laying is quicker and easier.

Pack Type Circle Kit Corner Pack
Pack Size 4 sets (1 per corner)
Pack Size 5 pieces per corner
Qty per Pack 20 pieces
Colour Manor